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One-to-One jewellery courses in Birmingham

This course, taught by master jeweller Coly, will teach you how to create gold jewellery developing practical ideas into finished pieces.
Our school teaching style is a mix of various geographic areas.
With a young spirit and always looking to innovate himself, Coly has studied in workshops in the north of Africa in a Berber jewellery atelier with Bashir, in traditional workshops in Yerevan, Armenia with an Armenian jeweller called Yeghikyan, in more modern workshops in Barcelona Spain at Aziz jewellery school, in Bordeaux France in Atelier Maurice, in north of Italy, Torino with the master jeweller engraver Jan and in Antwerp at Alexander setting school.
Working with old school jewellers has shaped his way of working in a unique way and this is reflected in his jewellery.

What's covered in the course?

The instruction that you will receive during this course is valuable for bench jewellers!
The course is suited to those who want to learn to be an old school jeweller.
Throughout the course, you will learn advanced techniques such as melting, soldering, forging and polishing.
You will experiment with a range of tools, from hammers to press formers and mandrels.
By the end of the two weeks, you will have advanced your metalwork skills, developed ideas and produced beautiful polished final pieces.
We teach formulas of gold alloy totally different to those used in casting.
The white gold, which we do, does not need rhodium plating, it is white due to the high content of palladium or platinum and the lack of some metals that are used in casting to make it more fluid.
From yellow gold to red we can make all the shades: yellow, pink, rose, red, whitish red, whitish yellow, greenish or brownish.
As well we teach how to get different carat gold 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct.

Our way of working

Melting the gold (combined with the different metals to achieve the colour and carat that we want or need) and making an ingot.
After melting, this ingot is used to give shape and to create a ring, pendant, earrings or any jewellery totally in a manual and unique way.
Making wire or sheet for ring shapes you will do this manually with simple tools by hand.
Traditional and modern jewellery techniques used during the course:

Melting. Mixing metals with our own formulas to melt and obtain a little ingot.
Forging. The most traditional way to shape metals.
Hammering. This is an absolutely sophisticated operation that shapes metals.
Sawing. Don't worry, you won't lose time cutting sheet by hand.
Soldering. You will learn how to weld precious metals.
Laser welding. Very helpful modern tool for jewellery maker.
Annealing. Important step to change the metal structure to make sure it doesn’t fracture when it’s compressed.
Polishing. Simple operation but with a lot of tricks depending of the alloy.

Tools and resources

We use rolling mill, normal hammers, planishing hammer, shaping blocks, lathe to do custom shapes and different chemicals.
Generally, we work with mechanical tools, simple but very versatile when it comes to tackling a job.
We use oxhidric or propane torch for melt and repair.
If you decide to use an oxyacetylene torch, you will be able to quickly learn it due to it's similarities.

Questions and answers

Yes. Here we teach you everything you need to know to be a jeweller. After that you can work in the jewellery industry.

Our courses are focused towards one student at a time.

A good school means that it provides you with the bases, the foundation upon which you depend on to build up knowledge.

You come to work with a master in jewellery and learn in a practical way each operation. Once you have understood the tricks, it is just a matter of practice.

The course is to prepare yourself as a goldsmith.
After the course you can make unique jewellery for yourself or you can finish jewellery made in casting. We do not do casting or CNC, 3D, CAD or CAM or anything of mass production but you will be able to work with castings without problems. You can also do repairs or assembly work.

We have videos on our YouTube channel where you can see several designs made by us and you can get an idea about what you will do after the course. On andreeadesign, you will be able to find many jewellery pieces. They are created by us.

We do not have fixed dates. Being one-to-one, the course starts as soon as we agree a free date for both parties. There is a calendar of weeks available below.

We do not offer accommodation. But we can advise you on the hotels that are near the school.

Yes, you can, as long you bring your own metals with you or pay for the materials.

Yes. You can come with your old jewellery and take them redesigned by yourself. In case you choose to have a bundle (goldsmith + setting), you can set yourself the diamonds or precious stones in your pieces.

We will practice using gold.

Yes. You will learn all about the gold alloys and their corresponding colours.

Yes. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to each student at the conclusion of the course.

No. The palette of gold colours is pretty extended. Here we will teach you how to achieve them. From Yellow to Red the gold has a lot of tonalities. White gold also has shades of grey or yellowish.

Yes. You will spend the whole time with the tutor and the best way to learn is by seeing, experimenting and practicing. The course is based on practicing. In our course you will not waste time cutting sheet metal or repeating the same operation to infinity. We teach you everything in detail, until you understand what it is and then it will be easy to practice each operation after the course. This way you can tackle new jobs that you didn’t do in the course and create your own style. You will be with the jeweller every minute of the course as a true apprentice of the old school doing the same as the teacher. The tricks are not in any video, neither of us nor of others. Masters do not teach their tricks in public.

Nothing, as everything is provided. If you want to take the pieces you made at school you will have to pay the value of the metals. You can also come with your metals or your old jewellery to melt and redesign. It does not matter if you have old jewellery in 9ct, 14ct or 18ct, yellow or white, and if you want to do something in rose gold 18ct, we teach you how to refine the metals so you can remix them in a new alloy.

Yes, because we only teach handmade techniques so each finished piece will be one-of-a-kind.

Yes. In the course you learn repair techniques and the use of machines and tools necessary to repair, mount or resize jewellery.

Yes. Due to availability, the courses can be combined. More details about our setting course you can find on diamondsettingschool

Course length

This course offers teaching for 2 weeks from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Guaranteed results

This superior course is able to produce adequate goldsmiths who are ready to integrate in the job market with comfort.


The goldsmith course qualifies students for a profession that is rarely declining in the employment business.

Quality procedures

Stone setters and goldsmiths are needed for composing any jewellery which has gems set in it. Stones should never be cemented, instead, they should be set.

Availability Calendar

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Goldsmith course prices

This goldsmith course has a duration of 2 weeks

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

The price for this course is £9,500

Prices are VAT included.

Equipment and consumables for the course are included in the price.

We only confirm your reservations after payment in advance!

Payment methods: Card, PayPal, Bank transfer or Check.

Cancellation Policy

We do not cancel the class for lack of a minimum number of students needed.

The course is One-to-One, only a student a teacher, so we are unable to offer refunds on our course once booked.

According to availabilities we can offer, by common agreement, the rescheduling of the course on another date but at the time of reschedule, the course has to be paid in full.

Tools & Materials

All tools & materials necessary for the course are provided by us.

Except only if the student wants to take the jewel worked, then the price of the metals has to be payed in full to Andreeadesign.

All students attending classes at Andreeadesign Jewellery school must be 16 or over.

Some pieces that you can do after our course

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